Our Accreditations.

We are approved and certified by over 5 independent bodies. Solar Fast take our commitment to professional standards very seriously. We pride ourselves in being accredited with numerous memberships and certifications.

Solar Panels You Can Trust

Solar Fast only carry out EPVS-approved work and complete our installations with professionalism, gathered from our accreditations with the top Solar Energy Industry organisations and institutions across the UK.

EPVS Verified

Our company needs to be EPVS registered and compliant. This is because all of the major banks and lenders trust EPVS and all projects need their approval before any lender will finance your project.

That’s why our sales process and its contents are EPVS approved and so are our contracts, documents, and products that we provide. We actually go above and beyond EPVS guidelines and only install ‘Tier-1’ solar panels. Ensuring that you, the customer, have the best quality and the best customer experience

This is something that we must do all of the time. EPVS carry out random monthly audits against all their members – so it’s not something we can do only some of the time.

MCS Approved

Solar Fast are MCS certified – this means that all of our products fitted and installed have been MCS registered and are eligible to be used in the export tariff. 

There’s more to it than that though. Choosing an MCS approved solar installer, means that we’re audited regularly, to ensure that we follow numerous standards, such as MIS3002 and MGD003.

We take our MCS accreditation very seriously and as a professional company, we follow these standards in everything we do.

Why choose an accredited installer?

Wherever you live in the UK – the right choice is always to choose a professional to fit your solar panel system. You should choose a trusted installer to improve your home. Solar Fast hold several different accreditations which proves our dedication to providing the best, most professional service that we can offer.

Choosing an accredited installer is always the right choice.

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