Solar Fast Rewards is a simple referral program but, unlike a lot of other referral programs, we don’t ask you to supply us with anybody’s details – we’re not looking for emails, phone numbers or even names.

When you become a referrer, we will issue you with an exclusive URL that you can share where and when you like – on email, social media, text or WhatsApp.

When someone clicks your URL they will be offered an obligation free quote and the chance to become a Solar Fast Rewards Member.

If they then go on to have a solar energy system you will earn £250.

It’s that simple.  


Want to skip all the how to nonsense and get started right away?



To sign up you just have to give us your details – no one else’s.  

If you aren’t already a Solar Fast customer, we can provide you with an obligation free quote – we will also generate your unique URL so you can start sharing straight away.


Once you have signed up, we will generate and send you your unique URL.  

You can post the link anywhere you like, though we would suggest checking you aren’t breaking any group rules on social media etc.  
When someone clicks the URL they will open Solar Fast Rewards and be invited to give us their details.  


So, what about these rewards?  
You will be paid £250 by Solar Fast for every referral that goes on to become a full sale.
That’s it – no jargon, no surprises, no fuss.


The button below will take you to our referral platform where you can begin your journey to earning rewards.

Need more inspiration or extra info? Keep scrolling to find out more.


We’d recommend sharing your exclusive URL with people you know.  
WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram Messages or any other DM service would be a great place to start as the people you message will all be on either your friend’s list or following you.  
Social Medial can be a great place to start a conversion about green energy so look for Facebook groups that allow URLs like this, post on a twitter thread about energy or drop some facts on LinkedIn and give people the benefit of your URL while you’re there.  
Texting friends is another good way as they will able to click the link which will take them through to the Solar Fast Referral Hub.  

So keep sharing, and get earning. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a referral?

A valid referral is anyone who is not an existing customer.

You are not permitted to refer yourself, but you may be offered a discount for being an existing customer.

We don't collect anyone's data directly from you - it is only the people who click your link and fill out the form who will be added to our system and given the opportunity to become members themselves.

How do I get paid?

We'll always pay you quickly for your successful referral.

It may take a few days to process your referral fee.

Referral fees are paid out through BACS transfer.

Other Information

Referring a friend, neighbour or family member can be done online, through the referral portal.

Fees are paid out once your referral has made their first payment towards their system and 14 days has passed.

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