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Solar Panels For Your Home

Whether you’re entirely new to the idea of domestic solar panels or searching for the perfect provider, you can count on Solar Fast. As energy specialists, we offer a 360 service from design and installation to aftercare support of your solar set-up. 

From understanding solar energy to saving money and protecting our planet, stick with us to learn about how solar power can benefit your household.

Solar panels are fast becoming one of the world’s most popular energy solutions. Why? Because it’s renewable. In short, if the sun exists, so does solar power. Unlike other sources of energy, such as gas and coal, which aren’t infinite, we’ll never run out of solar power.

Without getting too technical, we believe that consumers should understand the basics of solar energy. So, we’ll break it down for you.

When sunlight hits the cells, they become energised,
creating a direct current.

The direct current is fed into the inverter, which
converts it from DC to AC (Alternating Current)

Solar Battery storage is optional, but it allows you
to store excess energy to use throughout the night.

With enough solar battery storage
you can even charge your EV overnight.

One of the most common myths associated with solar panels is that you need to live in a sunny
country to work. Thankfully, the great British weather isn't a problem because visible light
is sufficient to produce the energy you need to power your home.

Your excess energy can also be sold back to the grid,
the price of which determined by an agreement
with your energy supplier.

Use your free solar energy to power your home.

Simply put, solar panels capture the sun’s UV rays and convert them into electricity to power your home using photovoltaic cells. When sunlight hits the cells, they become energised, creating a direct current. Every solar system then needs an inverter that converts the energy generated from direct current into alternating current to power household items.



While there are plenty of reasons to invest in home solar panels, combating the rising cost of living is a primary concern for many customers.
With a residential system from Solar Fast, the average household can save as much as
70% on energy bills. 

When we’re talking cold, hard cash, that’s an average of £800 yearly.

However, it’s worth considering that potential savings vary on your energy usage.
To learn more on potential savings, it’s best to speak to our expert team. 

If you can invest in solar panels, you can expect to break even in as little as nine years.

Energy Price Guarantee

In October 2022, the Government’s energy price guarantee replaced the existing price cap to control soaring costs.
Here’s what you need to know about the energy price guarantee:

It’s currently set at £2,500/year from January to March 2023.

The rate will be reviewed and amended every quarter, so the rate will change in April 2023, increasing further to £3,000.

It will remain in place until April 2024, after it was extended
from April 2023.

The average unit price for customers on a standard variable tariff is capped at 34.0p/kWh (pence per kilowatt hour) for electricity and 10.3p/kWh for gas, including VAT, from 1 October 2022 through to March 2023.

It’s worth noting that the guarantee does not limit how much households will pay. Instead, the energy price guarantee is a figure calculated on what the ‘average household’ is likely to pay. So, the price you’ll pay remains dependent on your actual energy usage.


From 1 January to 31 March 2023, the Ofgem energy price cap increased to a staggering £4,279 and is expected to rise further throughout the year. So, while bills increased significantly in recent months, the introduction of the price guarantee meant the actual increase 
was much lower than previously predicted.


Energy Price Increases

Average energy prices increased by 27% in October 2022, which was 96% higher than the winter 2021/22 price cap.

Energy prices will increase by a further 20% in April 2023.

Gas has increased by more over this period, up by 141% since winter 2021/22.

Electricity increased by 65% since winter 2021/22.


As costs continue to spiral, solar power is becoming increasingly attractive to households all over the UK.

Further Benefits of Solar Panels

Beyond benefiting your bottom line, solar panels offer a whole lot more. Below are just a handful of the benefits of residential solar panels.

It's Renewable Energy

Unlike other energy sources, solar power is renewable. Solar power is available every day globally and will only ever run out if the sun suddenly ceases to exist. If there is daylight, we can generate power thanks to solar technology.

You're helping the planet

On top of the energy crisis, we’re also battling an increasingly concerning climate crisis. Investing in solar panels means you’ll sleep better a night knowing you’re doing your bit for the planet. With the exception of the minimal pollution produced during manufacturing, solar power is one of the cleanest and most sustainable energy sources in the world. The best bit? As technology advances, solar panels are becoming more efficient every year!

You can store the energy

When you invest in a battery storage system for your solar set-up, you can bank energy to use around the clock. So, while solar panels require daylight to generate energy, that doesn’t mean you’ll be without power when the sun sets.

You can make money

Speaking of energy storage, you can actually earn money from any excess you don’t use. Yes, you read that right. Thanks to the Government’s Smart Export Guarantee (SEG), households can make money by exporting renewable electricity they haven’t used. 

If your system meets eligibility requirements and you have a smart meter that can provide half-hourly export readings, you’ll qualify for the tariff. According to the Energy Saving Trust, a ‘typical household’ can earn around £100 a year and switch between SEG tariffs until you get the best return.

Solar Panels are Low Maintenance

Last but certainly not least, residential solar panels have an impressive life span of 25 years (sometimes longer) when properly maintained. The good news, once installed, solar panels require little to no maintenance. Furthermore, as solar panels are often placed at an angle, the rain will keep your set-up as efficient as possible by washing away any dirt or dust. So, it turns out rain is good for some things.

Residential Solar Panel Set-up

Combining your panels with a battery is the go-to solution for homeowners to get the most out of their solar panel set-up. A complete installation will save you the most money and offer increased flexibility with your residential solar system. 


We’re passionate about solar power and big on doing things right here at Solar Fast. 

So here’s what you’ll enjoy when you trust us with our solar panel set-up:

Best Quality & Cost Effective
Customer Service For Life

Mounting solar panels on the roof of your business premises is the most popular option. We can install solar panels on almost any type of roof, including flat roofs. However, solar panels are most effective when placed in direct light. So, this is an essential consideration during installation. 

If roof mounted panels aren't viable for some reason, a ground mounted system is the solution. Solar Fast offer several ground mounting systems that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of our valued clients.

Our products come with the following warranties:

Solar panels - 25 years

Inverter - 10 years

Battery - 10 years

Workmanship - 2 years

Learn more about our warranties here.

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