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Getting a solar panel installation completed with Solar Fast has never been easier! 

We design and install your project to your needs and to get the best savings for you. Once you’re happy with everything, you’ll start making savings immediately from Day 1. 

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Tier 1 Black-on-Black Panels

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Save 70% on Energy Bills.

Become Your Own Supplier.

Installed within
7 Days.

Save £800/yr on Energy.

How Much Could You Save?

We took to the streets of Wakefield, Yorkshire and asked the public – “how much can you save?”. By installing solar panels onto your roof in the UK, you could save up to £800/yr on your electricity bills. 

The average home will save £25,000 – £50,000 over the system lifetime.

Savings all depend on roof size, number of panels and usage. If you use less energy than most or have more panels, you’re going to save loads more money and make a bigger return on investment.

You could save even more than anticipated, especially with rising energy prices and the cost of living. 

New Frontiers,
New Technology.

Solar PV is fast-becoming one of the most popular products in the world!

We’re all for it… but, we want to do things differently and better.

That’s why we only use the latest technology, complete with smartphone apps, analytics and the most energy-producing cells.

Solar Panel, Battery and Inverter Buy
Solar Panel, Battery and Inverter Buy

Who are Solar Fast?

Solar Fast has helped 1,000s of people save on their Energy Bills. We install Solar Panel Systems at the best prices – offering great value for money. 

We’ve partnered with top solar energy industry organisations and bodies to ensure that our work is the finest, most professional that you can find. We value old-fashioned workmanship and integrity. 

Our team are the best! We love taking part in charitable events and helping our community. 

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0% VAT Solar Panels have arrived!

Get solar products, now completely VAT exempt as of April, 2022.

Rishi Sunak’s announcement means that green technology, including solar panels and batteries are completely VAT-Free.

This will save you £££s on your solar panel installation!

Rishi Sunak VAT free

Beat UK Rising Energy Prices

Get ahead of the rising curve - dodge the UK energy crisis. Become your own supplier and become less dependant on the grid.

Take charge of your own energy.

Increase Value of your Home

£16,701 is the England average amount you can increase your home value by. The average value percentile increase is 14% value.

Invest in your property value today.

Help Save the Environment

Cut your carbon footprint and wean yourself off dirty energy. Fossil fuels are contributing to global warming and climate change.

Save 5,400kg of CO2/yr with a standard system.

All of your questions, answered.

The solar panel journey can be confusing and a new experience for many. 

We’ll make sure you’re fully informed and have all your questions answered. 


2021 Entrepreneur of the Year

Our CEO and Founder, David Draper won 2021 HARIBO® Entrepreneur of the Year award for his hard work in our local community and dedication to outstanding customer service.

EPVS UK Gold Membership

We’re EPVS Gold Members – this means that we’re held to the highest standards. It also means that every single calculation we give to has been checked and validated, independently.

HIES Certified & Registered

Solar Fast are HIES accredited, which means we can offer you the most robust and reliable insurance policy in the solar industry. HIES is trusted by millions. 

We deliver only the best for our customers.

Solar Fast only install the most reliable and tier one solar products available on the market – in the world.

As you can see, we’re set to deliver equipment from the biggest brands out there – such as Trina SolarTesla and LG.


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Black-on-Black Solar Panels.

Solar Fast only install Tier One solar panels. We only install the most stylish, most efficient and the most reliable solar panels on the market.  We’re talking gold-wiring, edge-to-edge photovoltaic production and so much more.

Transform the style of your roof, with modern and dark panels. Be the trendsetter on your street – embrace the future and save thousands.

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Solar Fast is Everywhere.

You read it right – Solar Fast operate across the UK, including Northern Ireland.

We have a dedicated UK network of professional and expert engineers and installers that are based in every major city and region, across the country.

Our team are on hand, waiting to assist you or install your new solar panel system.

What is Everyone saying?

Hear from our valued customers about their excellent experience with us.

"Outstanding, from start to finish."

So many customers, from across the UK have had amazing experiences with our installation services. Just like Richard, from North Yorkshire.

“Solar Fast did everything right, I couldn’t be happier with their level of customer service, the tidiness and professionalism”.

Learn more about why customer experience is important to us.

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Save money on Energy Bills with Solar Panels.

Get your solar panels installed with Solar Fast – we’re a professional and established company with over 21 years experience in the energy industry.

Save 70% on Energy Bills.

Become Your Own Supplier.

Installed within 7 Days.

Save £800/yr on Energy.

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We're EPVS Members.

This means that we must ensure that all of our calculations and savings are accurate and validated independently, before we can install your solar panel system. Without EPVS approval, we can’t proceed.

This process protects you as a consumer and ensures you get accurate savings.


Why rent your electricity?

Energy bills are rising exponentially and Solar Panels offer the best protection and savings.

Own 100% of your energy supply.

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