It’s not often you buy a product and it comes with a 30 year performance warranty AND a 25 year product warranty without you having to shell out any more cash – but that is exactly what you get when you opt for Solar Fast to install your panels.

Each of our 104 Half Cell Monocrystalline PV panels comes with 3 decades of guaranteed excellence!

We like to inform our customers what this means as we pride ourselves on our transparency.

Panels are still considered to be functioning at an optimum level when they reach 80% of their nominal power.

Our panels will be kicking out no less than 98% of their nominal power in the first year from Warranty Start Date – after that the efficiency will drop by no more than 0.5% per year.

So, after 30 years Solar Fast’s panels will be at 85% of nominal power (from Warranty Start Date) which is considered very functional indeed.

The panels will still be usable for another 5 – 10 years after that but will lose their efficiency year on year. So, once they start to drop below the magic 85% mark it may be time to look for new panels and, in 30 years, the technology is going to be incredible!

Obviously the warranties cover normal circumstances and we can’t honour it if the panels are tampered with, have been modified, have been re-installed by a non-MCS approved fitter or if you’ve taken an axe them – not that we think you would but, obviously, deliberate damage would void your warranty.


Your inverter is the magic box that turns the electricity from your solar panels into power you can use in your home.

Solar Fast source the best in inverter technology and can offer fantastic 10 year warranties.

Inverters are full of tiny components called capacitors. These little miracles last for years but will eventually degrade.

Solar Fast will give you a 10 year warranty on your inverter but it will probably last for a good 15 years.

You can upgrade your inverter’s warranty to 15 years for an additional cost.


Much like the inverters, batteries have very few moving parts so only time is the only enemy … well, that and misuse.

If your battery is well maintained and doesn’t sustain any damage it will last well over 10 years.

So, once again Solar Fast’s batteries come with a 12 year warranty. 

As Workmanship

On top of all that Solar Fast will give you a 2 year warranty on any work we do!