How does solar panel battery storage work?

Types of solar batteries

Solar battery storage allows you to take your solar panel system to the next level. The storage system means you can store any electricity generated from your solar panels to use in the evening or at a later date. There are four types of solar batteries available.

We’ll break down the differences without getting too technical so that you can understand the options. You might hear of lead acid batteries but that’s not really common, unless it’s for campervans or other off-grid applications.

Battery storage type
Pros and cons
Lithium-IonMost solar installers will use this batteryEasy to charge
RV / MarineUsed for boats and campervansLow capacity
FloodedLead-acid battery, best used outdoorsCheaper
Produce gas
GelSealed, so no harmful gasesCan be more efficient
Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM)Contain a glass mat between the electrolyte plateLeakproof, gel battery so can be a higher performer

What are the benefits of solar panel battery storage?

Significantly reduce your energy costs

Become increasingly independent from the grid

Earn money by selling 
surplus energy

Will the battery storage pair with my panels?

You can absolutely retrofit batteries to existing panels. But there are a few other parts of the system you need to think about. Panels are generally a simple plug and play kind of deal and will work with most systems – so long as the inverter can handle them.

This brings us to the inverter, which is what will dictate whether you can use batteries. There are two main types of inverters on the domestic market – string and hybrid.

Top 2 Considerations Before Getting a Battery

There’s no point blowing 10 grand on a 13.5 kWh Tesla Powerwall 2, if you only have 4 panels on your roof with a peak output of 1.6kW.

How and when do you use your power? 

For example, if you're at work or out of the house during the day, your panels are working at their peak with no one home to use the energy.

However, if you had battery storage you could save all that extra energy for when you need it in the evenings, night and early morning.

The thing you must look at is: Am I getting a return on my investment if I get batteries?

Batteries are chunky items, even the small ones will take up about a cubic metre, but most homes have room in the loft, garage and or spare bedroom.  

If you don’t have room in the house, most companies will offer a free standing, waterproof cabinet that can be placed outside.  


Yes, if you have solar panels set up already, a battery can be integrated at any time.

Yes, adding more batteries to your system is possible. Your battery requirements will be dependent on the power you need.


A good installer will ensure the most cost effective panels are part of your system. 

Adding a battery to an existing set-up typically takes around 3-4 hours. Installing a complete solar system will take one day.


Also, it’s best to think of your system as a way to reduce, rather than eradicate, electricity bills. But, regardless of whether your system is large enough to produce most of your energy needs or not, it is certainly a worthwhile investment. 


Even a relatively small, 18 panel system would save a medium sized business (50 - 250 employees) up to £4000 a year at current energy prices. 

Solar battery systems are compact and can be wall or ground-mounted. Many households opt to install their battery in the loft. However, it can be stored in other places, such as the garage or under the stairs.

Residential Solar Batteries

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Commercial Solar Batteries

Investing in a solar battery for your business can significantly reduce your carbon footprint and slash energy costs. Get in touch to learn more about our commercial solar batteries and how they’ll benefit your bottom line.

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