One of the most attractive things about Solar Energy systems is how little maintenance they need.

Most components in panels, inverters and batteries are non-moving, so they are very unlikely to wear out or fail.

That said, it’s good practice to keep an eye on your system to make sure everything is ticking over nicely.

Solar Panels

Solar Panels come with a 25 year warranty, so you know they are going to be very reliable.

As the solar cells are simply made up of silicon and wires, they have no parts to fail and that means, barring physical damage, the parts are only subject to degradation.

While that may sound a bit scary the actual rate of degradation is 0.05% per year so your panels are still working perfectly well after 25 years.

So, in terms of maintenance it’s just a matter of keeping the panels clean which, under normal circumstances in the UK, the rain does well enough.

If you have problems with wildlife or overhanging trees you may need to get the panels cleaned occasionally.

Unless you are a trained professional this isn’t something you should try to do yourself and we would suggest giving us a call on 0330 818 3116 so we can point you in the right direction.


The inverter is the only part of a solar system that needs checking every now and again.

Luckily, your Solar Fast App monitors your system and will tell you when there is a problem and you can usually use the Troubleshooting page to remedy the problem yourself in double quick time.

Our techy bods back at Solar Fast HQ also have access to the information in your app and, if you are unable to fix the problem yourself, they are able to help 99% of the time.


Once again not a great deal of components to go wrong on a battery.

However, all batteries have lifespans and those are based on how many times a battery can be charged and discharged – the more times it’s charged and discharged the quicker they will degrade.

Solar batteries, or at least the ones we use here at Solar Fast, will charge and discharge about 3500 times before they start to struggle – that’s about a decade of daily use.

Always keep an eye on the inverter to ensure your battery is performing at optimum levels – if not you may experience problems with your battery.

Once again, the Solar Fast app or the Troubleshooting guide are the fastest way to sort any problems you may have with your battery.