Ian was researching solar for a while and finally decided to take the plunge with Solar Fast after a very informative appointment with one of our expert sales team.

Opting for 14 panels across 2 different roofs with 6.3kWh of storage.

Ian and his wife say they can’t use all the energy they produce during the summer months, so they are making money by selling power back to the grid via Smart Export Guarantee. 

How was your initial consultation with Solar Fast?

‘It went really well, Gavin came out, explained it all really well … then we sat down, and he explained how many panels we could have on the roof, how much power they would generate and how many batteries we would want.’

‘He showed us an example of how it would work, and we were sold on the idea.’

How did your installation go?

‘Fantastic … no mess … like lightning.’

‘There was a problem with where they put the scaffolding … as soon the guys came out, they were straight on the phone … within an hour they moved the scaffolding to the right place.’

‘The day after, we got home from work and the scaffold had gone! You never have known they were there … ‘cept we had panels!’ 

How are you finding your Solar Fast system?

‘It’s working fantastic, best thing I have ever done, without a doubt.’

‘During these summer months we’ve been generating up to 35kWs a day.’

‘Our usage is quite small, so we are exporting a lot back to the grid.’ 

Did you have any doubts about solar?

‘It is a big commitment, but the rewards are big as well.’

‘Gav reassured me on the ethos of the company, that it (Solar Fast) wasn’t a fly-by-night company that’s going to be gone with 12 months. That gives you confidence that there will be back up if something does go wrong’

‘If you ever want to upgrade, you’ll know they’ll be there to give advice.’