Robin and his young family live just outside York and have been improving their house to turn it into a beautiful home.

Robin opted for solar to save on his energy bills and increase the value of his home.

The system installed on this family home was made up of 16 panels, a 3.6 kW hybrid Inverter and 2 Greenlinx 3.2 kWh batteries.

Reasons for going solar

‘We changed quite a lot of appliances from gas to electric, coupled with that we thought about our energy prices increasing significantly – something we couldn’t have avoided.’

‘Just a more sustainable option really, so taking that into our own hands and not having to worry about the fluctuating prices as much.’

‘It was probably a financial motivator than environmental, at this stage.’

How did you find out about Solar Fast?

‘We were so impressed with the company (Solar Fast), having done a little bit of research through Trustpilot and things like that, also that they were a long-standing company.’

‘We liked that they weren’t going to be up and gone in like five years … if you have any issues in 10 years you want to know the company is still about.’

Paying for your solar

‘It’s obviously a bit investment, a solar panel system … but the way you guys set up the finance you didn’t necessarily need a deposit’

‘The fact the monthly payments were going to be similar to what we’d be paying to the energy company it was a no brainer, really.’

‘We can make regular over payments … I had a rebate from an energy company, as I was paying too much in, so that managed paid off a bit of the finance and bring those terms down a bit’

How is the system working?

‘We thought, get it installed in October/November and we’d give that winter – which was a bit of a freebie, really … it reduced our bills a little bit.

‘But, since April … the finance plan, plus our little bit of a direct debit to the energy company, is less than we were paying beforehand.’

Would you recommend Solar Fast?

‘I would, yeah. Everyone’s been really friendly at the company… the install guys were really tidy, really knowledgeable.

‘So, yeah, really impressed with everything.