Tim and Dan were looking to save money on their bills, and keep a promise to their kids, so getting a solar energy system was perfect for their family.

Tim had researched everything he wanted, and spoken to neighbours about who to use, so both him and Dan were very clued up.

They have an 18-panel set up, spread across 2 roofs, and they added 9.6kWh of battery storage.

This system will provide energy all year round and will also help this family take advantage of some fantastic smart export guarantee.

Why did you choose Solar Fast?

Dan – We friends down the road who had panels fitted with Solar Fast and it was very efficient, and they had no issues’

Tim –  ‘Yeah, they gave us a shining endorsement, so we got in touch.

How was the installation?

Tim – ‘They were cool actually, really professional, really quick, they came to me with any questions or any suggestions.’

Is it easy to monitor?

Tim – ‘The app for our inverter … really straight forward, even I got my head round it in about ten minutes’

How much power if your system generating?

Tim ‘We are filling our batteries, covering everything in the house, and giving loads back to the grid’

Dan – ‘Bear in mind we have 2 virtually teenage children, on constant tech, Tim works from home … so I’d say we are quite high users’

We did you go solar?

Dan – ‘We made a commitment to our youngest child because he felt we weren’t green enough, in loads of ways, so we changed various bits and pieces last year and this is one of the things we committed to’ 

Has getting solar futureproofed your home?

Dan – ‘I think so, I man, they’ve (Solar Panels) got a long life span …

Tim – ‘Our sums are going to be valid until the kids leave home’

Would you recommend Solar Fast?

Dan – ‘Absolutely’

Tim – ‘Already be recommending to friends’

Dan – ‘100%’